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Pubic Tuck and Lengthening

A common problem of larger male patients who express a desire for added length is the excess skin and fat that forms in the pubic area above the penis. Many times liposuction alone of the area will be sufficient to uncover the base of the penis if the skin is not excessive. If the skin is excessive then, it must be removed to obtain added length. The skin acts like a turtle neck sweater and covers the base of the penis. Removal of the skin alone will result in 1/2 to 1 inch added length. Removal must be done at the same time as ligament release to get the best result possible. Ligament release by itself would be inadequate for maximal results as long as the excess skin is present. The procedure for removing the excess skin is called a pubic tuck. While not as extensive as the abdominoplasty the incision is usually placed in a crease in the pubic area and improves with time. The tradeoff makes it worthwhile to accomplish the end result. – Turtle necks have their place – but only above the waist.

penile-enlarge01b penile-enlarge01a
Before After

pubic tuck This patient presents with a common problem- a large weight loss leaving him with excess skin and fat hanging over the penis.
pubic tuck The patient is retracting their own skin to see the potential length gain from a pubic tuck procedure.
pubic tuck Post-operative, 3 months after a pubic tuck, ligament release and fat injection. He is enthusiastically using his extender to good advantage. Gains obtained will be permanent after 6 months of extender use.

Before liposuction is performed for widening. Typical troubled spots that males collect fat deposits are their love handles!
lipo for length Post-operative, 3 months after liposuction for widening. We take enough fat for 3 fat injections and then removed the rest of the fat as though the patient came in just for this. Patient’s get a “2 for 1”.

Before and after removal of love handles and lower abdomen fat by liposuction. This is the only way to permanently get rid of these unflattering bulges. Surgeons who use grafts for widening do not do anything for these genetic curses.

Before After

pubic tuck Pubic Tuck ONLY, Ligament release not need.
pubic tuck Pubic Tuck ONLY, Ligament release not need.
pubic tuck Patient was satisfied with the result. (4 months after)

pubic tuck Before, excessive skin coving the base of penis causing an “accordion pleading” of penal skin.
pubic tuck Patient pulled up on skin to show the potential improvement from skin removal.
pubic tuck 3 months After Pubic Tuck, Phalloplasty Lengthening & Widening The final result is even better than the predicted gain.

pubic tuck Before: A short penis with excess fat and skin covering the base of the penis, this condition must be addressed to get the best results.
pubic tuck After- 2 months

pubic tuck This patient has the “turtle neck syndrome” with redundant skin covering the base of the penis. Patient had a pubic tuck.
pubic tuck Expected immediate result from pubic tuck alone even before ligament release.