AlloDerm – Regenerative Tissue Matrix – Penile Implants

An AlloDerm graft is a penis enlargement technique that we do not recommend due to the need for sutures and the required time after surgery when avoiding an erection is critical.

We prefer to use the patient’s fat for penile enlargement because, unlike Alloderm which is treated graft material from another human, there is no chance for fat to be rejected since it is the patient’s own tissue.

With Alloderm, medication must be given post-op to inhibit spontaneous erections for one month. With fat there are no such restrictions.

The post-op course with Alloderm is much more involved since the Alloderm must be secured with sutures to hold it in place.

With fat enlargement the patient is often able to lose those annoying “love handles” as a beneficial side effect.

Enough fat is removed initially to be able to do repeat injections at three and six months post-op and increase the girth with each injection.

With Alloderm there is usually only one procedure to widen. What you get is what you get and AlloDerm is typically a more expensive male cosmetic surgery procedure compared to other male enhancement options.