PureGraft Fat Transfer – FT

Fat transfer is our preferred penis surgery for our patients to achieve penis enlargement.

Fat injections have been around since liposuction began to provide an injectable form of fat. We believe that enlargement with fat has several advantages over penis widening with grafts for male enhancement.

First there is virtually no chance of rejection of the fat since it is the patients own tissue and not a graft from another human.

Secondly, fat injections now result in a smooth, predictable outcome in most patients.

Initially, the knock against fat grafting was that the results were uneven and not predictable.

We have over the past 20 years learned how to extract the fat and place it so that most of it stays and becomes permanent.

Thirdly, the future of Cosmetic Surgery will no doubt become more involved with the development of stem cell therapy. It turns out that fat is the richest source of adult stem cells in the body! A given value of fat tissue has 1000 times more stem cells than the same volume of bone marrow. Why has penile enlargement with fat grafting been so successful? The answer may be found in those little stem cells.

We have known for years the benefits of fat in the skin and surrounding tissue not explained by volume replacement alone.

We now feel that the stem cells in fat become the tissue into which they are placed. Fat against bone feels like bone, fat into muscle becomes muscle; fat into the penis becomes penile.

Fourthly, patients who are enlarged by grafts must take strong medications to inhibit erections after surgery. No such restrictions exist with fat.

Fifthly, most male patients get a standard liposuction with fat extraction. Goodbye love handles and belly!

Sixthly, the post op recovery is usually much easier with fat than with grafting. Incidentally, if further girth gain is desired after the initial grafting surgery, it is done with fat. Why not use fat to start with if grafters use it for further enhancement after initial graft widening?