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Penis Enlargement Surgery – Expectations

What most men do not know is two thirds of the penis extends beyond the body! Inside the body cavity, there is roughly another 8-10cm of length (keep in mind that the average penis, in America, is roughly 13cm), which is suspended from the pubic bone by two connective tissues called “ligaments”. The suspensory ligament and fundiform ligament anchor the external tissue to the body.

When freed surgically, in every instance the penis will gain, in a flaccid state, roughly 2-3cm (there are 2.54cm per inch). This will make the appearance of the limp penis much bigger. In the erect position it will vary considerably, but can be equal or greater in size. In normal healing, a scar is formed, sometimes causing contraction of the tissues. This is usually controlled by counterweight until the healing is complete. There have been stated concerns about releasing these ligaments for fear of damaging the proper elevation of the penis once severed. It has been discovered after years of surgery that the elevation of the penis is determined by pressure within the spongy tissues, not the effect of the ligaments themselves. This procedure is extremely safe and virtually never creates any problems.

Your final result depends on your adherence to instructions and exercises during the post-operative recovery period. If you have no length gain it is usually because Dr. Capriotti’s instructions were not followed.