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Why Men Over 50 Make the Best Lovers

While there is certainly something to be said for youth and energy, many women prefer older men as sexual partners. Men over 50 often have greater awareness of the needs of their partners and are willing to take the time to ensure satisfaction for both parties. In some cases, male enhancement procedures can boost the confidence of these men to provide an even better experience. Here are some of the most important benefits of dating and sleeping with an older man.

He Takes His Time

While younger men may be in a rush to get to and through the main event, older men typically enjoy the lead-up to sex much more. This can lead to longer sessions of foreplay and increased arousal on the part of both partners. Greater arousal typically leads to more satisfying sexual encounters, making this predilection of older men a definite benefit for their sexual partners.

He Puts His Partner First

Women typically require significantly more stimulation to achieve orgasm than younger men. For men over the age of 50, however, the time needed to achieve full arousal and to reach orgasm is much more in line with the requirements of most women. This can allow female partners to achieve a more satisfying sexual experience when sharing intimate encounters with older men.

He Wants More than Just Sex

Younger men can sometimes be focused on sex to the exclusion of other pleasurable activities. Cuddling, snuggling and sharing conversations can sometimes be just as satisfying for couples. Because older men are generally more open to these activities, the relationships formed with these individuals can often provide a better balance between sex, physical affection and intellectual connection.

He Knows Himself Better

In most cases, men over 50 have had the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their bodies and their wants and needs. In some cases, they may have opted for penis lengthening procedures or other confidence-building treatments that can boost not only their self-esteem but also their ability to satisfy their partners. This increased experience and knowledge can ensure the most positive and sexually gratifying encounters with the women in their lives.

For some men, investing in phalloplasty or other male enhancement procedures can have a significant positive effect on their confidence in a wide range of social and professional situations. This boost in self-esteem can have a significant effect on libido and the desire to engage in intimate relationships. By eliminating the myth that sex ends after 40, men and women alike can enjoy the most satisfying romantic relationships throughout their lives.

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