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Why Male Enhancement Pills and Devices Are Not Good Choices

Many men understandably obsess over the size of their sexual response to attractive sexual partners, and a fair number of anxious men resort to dubious herbal remedies or strange gadgets that claim to increase the vigor of a man’s most sensitive asset. A few well-known pills do offer temporary stiffening, but true penile enlargement remains a mirage for those who use pills.

Torture Devices for Men

Manufacturers have exhibited considerable imagination in dreaming up devices that purport to stiffen the resolve of a small penis. A common pitch calls for shoving a nervous penis into an appropriately sized cylinder and then frantically pumping an attachment to suck out air from the cylinder, causing a vacuum that temporarily lowers pressure in affected tissues and allows higher-pressure blood inside the body to flow into the penis. After achieving a useful degree of rigidity, the operator then suddenly clamps a tight ring over the base of the penis to prevent accumulated blood from fleeing the field before the battle is won. Penis pumps actually serve reasonably well for many erectile-dysfunction patients, but blistering and bruising are fairly frequent consequences of this sort of manhandling. Furthermore, delicate skin may thicken over time in response to prolonged maltreatment, and blood vessels inside the penis may rupture.

A sketchier idea pushed by a remarkable spectrum of vendors claims that following proprietary instructions for repeatedly yanking or “milking” a supposedly lazy penis will eventually move the exhausted member to grow bigger and stronger, similar to how a bodybuilder will encourage the growth of muscles by repeatedly stressing them with heavy weights. Some vendors even push frightening devices that work on the tender tissues of an unwilling penis with weights, springs and other unforgiving contraptions. Needless to say, falling for pitches to buy such devices will lead only to a wallet made lighter by smirking hucksters who would laugh uproariously at the thought of using their own inventions.

Mysterious and Expensive Pills

A long history of snake-oil remedies and the rise of a certain small class of effective pharmaceuticals has led to an expected flood of flaky and typically costly herbal concoctions that sport intriguing descriptions and sneakily vague claims that cleverly skirt laws against medical fraud. Labels with names such as “horny goat weed” and “super combination for manliness” boldly seek to play on emotions while avoiding specific language that could lead to prosecution by watchdog agencies such as the FDA. Some herbal pills imported from countries known for inadequate consumer protections have been found to contain dangerous and unapproved substances that yield no known medical benefits. Risky and ineffective remedies seem a poor way to approach penis enlargement.

Creamy Applications for Guys

The dark realms of the Internet are littered with tubes, bottles and jars containing ointments, creams and all manner of moistness meant to be rubbed into the penis for a gradual increase in permanent beefiness. Bright, misleadingly authoritative pictures of white-smocked technicians may adorn the advertisements that accompany these miraculous products, but real doctors only shake their heads sadly. None of these products will accomplish their intended purpose. At best, they may soothe a penis that has suffered painful chafing from an earlier attempt to encourage growth with some sort of useless widget.

Getting Bigger for Real

Millions of men struggle daily with the implications of perceived physical shortcomings related to potential or existing intimate relationships. An increasing number of them have been turning to male cosmetic surgery as a proven alternative to short-lived or ineffective methods. Viagra and related pharmaceuticals can be useful for some purposes, but only a careful surgical procedure performed by a highly trained Phalloplasty specialist can provide a permanent improvement to a man’s ability to offer commanding salutes to his warm, happy sexual partner.

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