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Why Avoid Vitamin E After Penis Lengthening Surgery?

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Before your penis lengthening surgery, tell your surgeon about all the supplements you take. Some of them, like vitamin E and fish oil, can negatively impact your surgery and your healing.

If you’re considering penis lengthening surgery, you may have noticed that we recommend avoiding vitamin E for two weeks after your procedure. Many patients ask why this is. While vitamin E is a necessary nutrient and is often used topically to treat scars, it may lead to complications during or after your penis lengthening procedure. Here is some information on why we recommend avoiding vitamin E supplements after your penile surgery.

How Vitamin E Can Affect Your Surgery

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is why many people take it in supplement form. However, it can lead to complications for your penis lengthening procedure. Vitamin E can act as an anti-coagulant in your body. Therefore, during your penis lengthening surgery, vitamin E can elevate your risk for increased bleeding. Additionally, vitamin E can also affect your blood pressure, which may impact the anesthesia we use during your penile surgery.

After your male enlargement surgery, healing requires proper clotting. Vitamin E supplements may affect how your blood clots, which can influence your healing process. Also, taking vitamin E after your penis lengthening procedure may increase your risk of a hematoma, which occurs when blood pools in a specific area inside your body. Therefore, for your safety, we advise that you avoid vitamin E supplements for two weeks after your surgery to promote better healing and reduce your risk of surgical and post-operative complications.

Talk to Your Surgeon About All the Supplements and Medications You Take Before Your Penis Lengthening Procedure

During your penis enlargement surgery consultation, your surgeon will talk to you about your overall health and current medications. During this discussion, you should list all the supplements, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medications you take. This way, your surgeon can take note of everything that may increase your risk for complications. Unfortunately, up to 70% of patients don’t list all the supplements they take to their surgeons. This can lead to unnecessary risks and complications. For example, vitamin E isn’t the only supplement that you should avoid after your surgery. Most patients should also avoid aspirin and fish oil, as they also may reduce your blood’s ability to clot. Therefore, for a safe penile procedure, let your surgeon know everything you take. They will provide recommendations for a safe penile surgery based on your specific circumstances.

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