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What You May Not Know About Your Penis

Women are not the only ones who have the opportunity to alter their looks. Men can do so as well, and one procedure they are choosing is penis enlargement surgery. The fact is that many men wish they had larger penises, but these men are in luck. We are living in an age when male cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular and acceptable. Known as “phalloplasty,” male enhancement surgery encompasses several different techniques that can lengthen the penis.

If you are someone who is interested in penis enlargement, you may wish to learn a few things about your male member first so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

1. The Average Size

The largest penis belongs to an American man by the name of Jonah Cardeli Falcon. When his male member is flaccid, it measures 9.5 inches long. When it is erect, it reaches the amazing size of 13.5 inches. Although this may sound impressive to you, the average penis is 5.6 inches long. So, if you are within the five-inch range, you are doing better than you thought.

2. Diphallia

It is possible to be born with two penises. This condition is called “diphallia,” and it only occurs once in every five to six million births. Juan Baptista dos Santos famously “suffered” from this condition. His two penises were both fully functional and allowed him to begin a sexual interaction with one member and finish with the other.

3. The Breakable Penis

Unless you like to engage in extremely rough intercourse or masturbation, you most likely will not fracture your penis. This can happen after you have become erect and the phallus is filled with blood. If your penis bends while you are engaged in a forceful action, this sudden curvature can break the lining of the corpus cavernosum that is located within the shaft. It will be unmistakable when it happens because you will hear the lining crack. Bruising and swelling will result thereafter.

4. The Average Number of Erections

According to Dr. Tobias Kohler, you must exercise your penis. This means that you are being invited to masturbate. On average, men have 11 erections during the day and nine throughout the night, but these erections are a good thing because they keep your penis in great shape. Without masturbation, the penis can become smaller because it loses elasticity. Some men lose as much as two centimeters in length when they cease to masturbate.

5. Vibrators

Delayed ejaculation is a condition that has a simple solution: buy a vibrator. Vibrators stimulate the nervous system and encourage orgasms in men who are having difficulties in this area. However, you do not have to have any medical conditions to try this method. Many men use vibrators for stimulation just for the fun of it.

6. It is Longer Than You Think

You can see your penis, of course, but there is also a portion you cannot view. About half of the penis is tucked inside your pelvis, so you would need to have an MRI test done to see the entire length. This means that your phallus is twice as long as you thought it was.

7. Small Feet, Large Penis

If you have small feet, you will be happy to know that the size of your penis has no correlation to your shoe size. Similarly, the size of your nose and your fingers do not give this information away.

8. The Benefits of Circumcision

Researchers found 42 different types of bacteria on the skins of their subjects’ penises. After 12 men had their phalluses circumcised, the scientists analyzed the skin again for bacteria and discovered there were fewer types of bacteria living in the area.

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