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What to Expect After Your Houston Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you are considering penis enlargement surgery, doing a little research on the process can help you achieve the best possible outcome from your procedure. Knowing what to expect during and after your surgery can provide you with greater peace of mind and confidence. Working with a medical team that specializes in these types of procedures can also ensure that you receive the best care throughout your treatment. Here are some key facts to keep in mind when planning your Houston male cosmetic surgery.

Different Procedures Produce Differing Results

Depending on your desired results, your Houston phalloplasty physician may recommend one or more of the following procedures:

  • Penis lengthening procedures typically involve the surgical release of a ligament that holds about half of the penis inside the body. When this ligament is released, patients typically gain one or two inches in length in the flaccid state. The erect length of your penis will not increase to an equivalent degree in most cases, but many patients see improvement in the length of their erections.
  • Fat transfers begin with a liposuction procedure that extracts your own body fat for later use. Your cosmetic surgeon will typically perform a regular liposuction procedure that can provide added benefits for your appearance and self-esteem. Removing unwanted love handles and abdominal fat enhances your physical appearance while providing the materials necessary to achieve greater girth. The fat harvested during liposuction is purified, enhanced with platelet rich plasma and inserted into the penis to create a thicker, fuller shaft.

Your surgeon may also suggest a pubic tuck to remove excess fat and skin from around the penis, allowing it to stand out from your body and effectively increasing its useful length. Post-operative care will vary depending on the type of procedure you choose.

After Your Penis Lengthening Surgery

Once the ligament has been released, your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow at home. These typically include some or all of the following activities:

  • Stretching the penis manually
  • Using specially designed weights to pull the penis downward and to prevent reattachment of the ligaments
  • Massaging the area of the incision and applying dressings to ensure faster healing

Your physician will usually ask that you refrain from strenuous sports, heavy lifting and sexual activities for at least four weeks after your procedure. Most patients can return to work two days after their penis lengthening surgery.

After Your Girth Enhancement Surgery

Immediately after your fat transfer procedure, your physician will usually wrap the penis to ensure that it retains the proper shape during your post-operative period. The tape should be left on for at least a week; after that, your doctor will show you how to rewrap your penis at home each day for the first month after surgery. You will also be provided with instructions on massaging and stretching your penis to maximize the increase in size and to ensure the most positive results. Avoid contact sports, lifting heavy weights and sexual intercourse for at least six weeks after your procedure; your doctor will let you know when it is okay to resume regular activities. If you feel up to it, you can usually go back to work one or two days after your girth enhancement procedure.

Choosing a Houston cosmetic surgeon who specializes in these types of procedures can help you enjoy greater peace of mind before, during and after your penis enlargement surgery. By following the instructions of your physician to the letter during the post-operative period, you can ensure the best possible outcome and can enjoy increased self-confidence as a result of your Houston phalloplasty procedure.

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