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What Arouses Sexual Desire in Women?

Understanding the nature of female sexual desire can provide valuable insights for researchers and can help to ensure a higher degree of satisfaction in personal relationships. In some cases, male enhancement procedures can increase the arousal for female partners and can ensure a mutually pleasurable experience during the sexual act. According to the experts at WebMD, women are far more affected by context and environmental cues than their male counterparts. For many women, arousal precedes desire; this explains the increased female need for foreplay during intimate moments.

Barriers to Sexual Enjoyment

Some women may experience difficulties in achieving arousal and desire. These issues may arise from their attempts to live up to perceived and actual expectations during intimate situations:

  • Women may view sexual intercourse as something they do for their partner rather than something they can enjoy for themselves.
  • In some cases, lack of experience and knowledge can reduce the ability of women to achieve enjoyment and satisfaction from intimate relations.
  • Repeated failure to experience pleasure in sexual relationships may discourage some women and can lead to a negative attitude toward arousal, desire and sex.
  • Attempting to live up to unrealistic ideals of sexuality can stifle the ability of women to enjoy sex with their partners.

By working with their partners to overcome these obstacles and to create a caring and mutually beneficial relationship that includes sex and intimacy, men and women can find common ground and can create an environment conducive to physical closeness.

Setting the Stage for Intimacy

Creating an atmosphere that reduces inhibitions and increases the degree of closeness between partners can be especially beneficial for women. One way to enhance intimacy is to engage in physical closeness without the expectation of sexual intercourse as the ultimate goal. Instead, caressing, hugging and kissing can be seen as ends in themselves. By reducing the pressure to perform, partners can increase the degree of arousal achieved. This can naturally lead to sexual intimacy without the pressure of a predetermined goal or tacit expectations. By focusing on arousal as the desired end, partners can reduce performance anxiety and can create the right setting for romance and intimacy.

Making Room for Flexibility

Abandoning pre-set notions about gender roles and preferred positions can often lead to an added sense of control and confidence for women in intimate situations. By allowing greater flexibility in sexual foreplay and intercourse, partners can help these women increase their arousal levels and desire naturally to ensure more pleasurable interactions before, during and after sex. This can lead to greater interest in sexual play and can ensure that both partners enjoy the time spent in these physical activities.

Engaging in Fantasy Play

Another technique that has helped many couples heighten arousal is fantasy play. With or without props, exploring the fantasy life of both partners can help in creating a greater sense of trust, closeness and desire within the relationship. The fantasies explored can also form the basis of a closer connection and shared intimacy between couples in everyday activities. By catering to each partner’s specific sexual fantasies and needs, couples can build a closer relationship and can enjoy intimacy to the fullest degree possible.

For some men, considering male cosmetic surgery may be an option to enhance pleasure for both partners in the bedroom. Phalloplasty procedures can add girth and length to improve performance and to ensure proper function. Additionally, it can be used to correct certain physical issues that can create difficulties during intimate activities. Male enhancement techniques can boost confidence for men in sexual situations. This added confidence can enhance female arousal and desire to promote more pleasurable and fulfilling relations for both partners in the relationship.

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