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What Arouses Sexual Desire in Men?

Many people think that men are consumed by desire and crave sex all the time. However, that view fails to recognize how complicated and even delicate male sexuality can be. Indeed, it involves an assortment of complex physical and mental responses. What’s more, a man’s libido can be enhanced in numerous ways ― from phalloplasty to improved communication with a romantic partner.

A variety of stimuli can arouse a man’s desire. A lover might touch him. He might see someone alluring walking by, or he might look at a photo or a video of an attractive female. He could view material that is sexually provocative on television or on the Internet. He might simply be excited by a memory or a fantasy that runs through his mind.

Whenever one of the above situations takes place, endorphins inundate the man’s brain. Endorphins are chemicals that induce a highly pleasurable sensation. When the body feels a rush of those chemicals, it wants to keep doing whatever is causing that enjoyable feeling.

At the same time, the man’s blood pressure and heart rate go up, and his brain sends a chemical signal that restricts the flow of blood from his penis. An erection occurs as the extra blood that is collecting within the penis lengthens its stretchy tissues. When the penis is fully erect, its skin is much more sensitive, and that condition adds to his pleasure. Most likely, the man will try to get sexual gratification as soon as he can.

Once the man attains satisfaction, his burning desire dissipates. The powerful wave of endorphins subsides, and blood is able to exit his penis as before. Therefore, he will no longer have the capacity to sustain an erection. On top of that, he will feel the need for relaxation or sleep. By contrast, after a woman achieves an orgasm, it is likely that she could become sexually excited again almost immediately. For that biological reason, most women are able to have multiple orgasms.

Many men feel that the duration between arousal and release is too short. Some even struggle with the issue of premature ejaculation. Fortunately, it is possible for a man to learn techniques that will decelerate his orgasm and make his desire last longer. That is, by going at a more leisurely pace, by being more mindful, and by applying pressure to his urethra during sex, a man can stretch out his intercourse sessions. With these methods, he might also intensify his orgasms. Of course, it takes discipline and practice to master the art of slowing things down sexually.

In addition, many men have more fun in the bedroom when their partners are as amorous as they can be. It can be frustrating, then, when a man realizes that he is more turned on than his significant other. Why does that situation occur? One explanation is that a man can be aroused just by what he sees: his partner’s body, for example. Women, however, frequently require more to get in the mood. They might wish to preface sex with a romantic dinner, dancing, or extended foreplay. Thus, a man should definitely ask his partner what circumstances would make her feel more passionate. That way, couples can have a more fulfilling experience.

One last way that a man can strengthen his sex drive is to undergo penis enlargement surgery. After he has received male enhancement ― which can increase the length and the width of the organ ― he should feel a powerful boost to his self-esteem and sense of masculinity. Therefore, he is better prepared mentally to ask out a person he is interested in, and he can feel more confident in bed as well.

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