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Three Facts About Sexual Arousal for Male Enhancement Patients

The mechanisms involved in male arousal are complex and involve many different systems within the human body. For men considering male enhancement surgery, understanding the basics of the sexual response can provide added insights into what to expect after the procedure. Here are three key facts about male arousal that every man should know.

It’s Mostly in Your Head

Desire, attraction and arousal generally originate from mental processes related to sex. These thoughts and ideas may be triggered by stimuli in the environment or by unrelated cognitive processes. The presence of a willing partner and the perusal of sexually suggestive or explicit material are common triggers for sexual thoughts and feelings. While male arousal is most often stimulated by visual images, almost any item or idea can form the basis of sexual excitement and arousal. For some men, the idea of having a larger penis can be as powerful as the actual increase in size itself.

Arousal Occurs in Stages

Researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, more often referred to simply as Masters and Johnson, first published their findings regarding the human sexual response cycle in 1966. According to their studies, male arousal takes place in four distinct phases:

  • Excitement occurs first and is generally linked to sensory input or internal mental processes. During this stage, men may experience elevated heart rates, increases in blood pressure, faster breathing and tensing of muscles throughout the body. Blood may also flow toward the sexual organs to produce an erection. This phase is often associated with foreplay.
  • During the plateau phase, the physiological responses that began during the initial excitement stage continue and become more pronounced. The penis usually becomes fully erect during the plateau stage. A small amount of pre-ejaculate may also be released from the penis; this discharge creates a safe pH level for sperm during later ejaculation. Foreplay may continue during this phase; more direct sexual contact usually begins during the plateau.
  • The orgasm stage generally culminates in ejaculation. During this phase, involuntary muscle contractions and the release of semen are typical responses. Men may also experience involuntary thrusting motions during the orgasm and ejaculation phase. The volume of semen released varies depending on the length of time since the last ejaculation and on the overall state of health of the man in question.
  • The physiological process that returns the body to its unexcited state is known as resolution. Men generally experience a gradual reduction in heart rate, frequency of breathing and blood pressure during this part of the arousal process.

Some patients may not achieve all four of these stages or may experience them in different orders. This may be a sign of dysfunction, a normal result of unusual situations or a characteristic unique to a specific individual.

Size Does Not Directly Increase Arousal

Penis enlargement surgery can significantly increase size and girth. However, these procedures cannot directly increase arousal in men. Indirect positive results, however, include the following:

  • Increased confidence in sexual situations and resulting improved libido
  • Greater desire on the part of a sexual partner that may increase male arousal in turn
  • Improved sexual function for patients who undergo phalloplasty to correct medical issues associated with injuries or congenital defects

While not directly related to sexual function, the added confidence that a larger penis can provide for men in communal bathrooms and showers can also have a positive effect on their overall state of mental well-being. Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in male enhancement procedures can provide added information and expert guidance on the most effective ways to enhance sexual and personal confidence through these surgical methods.

For many men, penis size can be a significant factor in overall self-esteem and self-image. By working with a qualified surgeon to increase penis size and correct any cosmetic issues, men can enjoy greater confidence in every part of their daily life.

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