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The Mechanics and Anatomy of an Erection

The physical mechanism of achieving and sustaining an erection, is far more complex than you may realize. Understanding the anatomy of your penis can help you make the most effective choices for male enhancement procedures in our area. Here are some of the most important facts every man should know about the penis and the way in which erections occur.

The Structure of the Penis

The penis consists of several different parts. In uncircumcised men, the foreskin typically covers the head or glans of the penis. For circumcised men, the head of the penis is usually exposed. The shaft of the penis can vary significantly in length and girth from person to person and can be altered and enhanced through phalloplasty procedures. The corpus cavernosum are two columns of spongy tissue that run along the sides of the penis and are separated by the corpus spongiosum, which surrounds the urethra and keeps it open during an erection. Without the corpus spongiosum, the urethra could be trapped between the two cylindrical chambers of the corpus cavernosum, preventing ejaculation and creating other issues for men.

The Mechanics of an Erection

An erection typically begins with a thought process in the brain that triggers a chemical reaction. This reaction may be prompted by an idea, a fantasy, a visual image or an auditory sequence that evokes sexual arousal and desire. When these events occur, the brain sends chemical messages to the blood vessels and nerves in the penis. These chemicals can allow more blood to flow through the arteries feeding the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, allowing these spongy tissues to fill with blood and become rigid. At the same time, veins that carry blood away from the penis constrict, trapping blood inside the penis to sustain the erection.


During sexual arousal, the body prepares for ejaculation in a number of ways. The seminal vesicles are small glands adjacent to the urethra. These glands release fluid that combines with sperm to create semen. When you reach orgasm, your brain triggers the release of chemicals that cause muscular contractions at the base of your penis. This process is known as ejaculation and is responsible for the release of semen at the conclusion of a sexual act.

For some men, a penis enlargement procedure can make a big difference in self-confidence and performance during sexual encounters. Consulting with a qualified cosmetic surgeon can help you determine if these solutions are right for you. Understanding the processes that produce arousal, erection and ejaculation can help you make a more informed choice when planning for these procedures in our area.

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