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The Facts about Eight Popular Aphrodisiacs

phalloplasty_102Since the earliest days of human civilization, aphrodisiacs have been used to increase desire and enhance performance and stamina during the sexual act. The formulas used for these concoctions ranged from the mundane wine-soaked lilies used in ancient Egypt to the exotic remora-based potions of Rome in the 8th century B.C. Today, male enhancement strategies include both pharmaceutical and surgical techniques that can produce real results for patients during their intimate encounters. Here are eight of the most popular aphrodisiacs and the scientific facts behind the claims for these substances and procedures.


Legendary lover Casanova reportedly ate 50 oysters every morning for breakfast to boost his libido. Oysters contain zinc and amino acids, making them a healthy addition to most diets. However, scientists have largely debunked the ability of oysters to increase desire or to inspire romance in men and women.


Another time-tested aphrodisiac solution, honey offers a number of health benefits. Scientific testing, however, has found no evidence that honey can inspire romance or increase desire.


This blowfish is available only in Japan and may be the riskiest item on this list of aphrodisiacs. A single mistake in the preparation process could result in the ingestion of deadly toxins. Apart from the risk of death, fugu offers no proven aphrodisiac qualities and is best avoided altogether.


Some scientific studies have shown mild to moderate improvement in sexual function and arousal among patients treated with ginseng. While more research is required to determine optimal dosing, this herb can safely be included as part of an overall regimen to treat erectile dysfunction and to improve the sexual experience for both men and women.

Spanish Fly

This substance is derived from the dried and crushed bodies of beetles in the Meloidae family. Far from being a true aphrodisiac, Spanish fly actually produces moderate to severe irritation of the urinary tract that may mimic sexual arousal in women by generating itching and discomfort. Over the long term, however, ingestion of these dried beetles can cause poisoning. Worse yet, fake Spanish fly may contain a number of unidentified ingredients that could be injurious to overall health. To avoid these risks, patients should stay away from products advertised as Spanish fly.


Also known as sildenafil citrate, Viagra was initially created as a treatment for hypertension. During clinical trials, however, the drug induced erections in male patients. This led to its testing and eventual approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is safe and effective when used under the care of a physician and can provide reliable support for men in maintaining intimacy with their partners. Cialis and Levitra work in much the same way and are also available by prescription only.

Ginkgo Biloba

Like ginseng, ginkgo biloba is a staple of Chinese medicine and offers some promise in the aphrodisiac arena. It has been shown to improve sexual dysfunction for members of both genders; however, further research is needed to determine the correct dosage and the exact extent of the improvement experienced by patients treated with ginkgo biloba.

Male Enhancement

While phalloplasty and penis enlargement surgery are not aphrodisiacs in themselves, these procedures can often boost confidence for men during intimate encounters. This can reduce inhibition and increase desire for men and women alike, allowing a more engaging and fulfilling experience for both parties. By investing in these male enhancement procedures, patients can enjoy the latest advances in the medical field while improving their self-image and libido.

Before embarking on any aphrodisiac regimen, you should consult your physician to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your proposed treatment plan. Your doctor is your single best resource for information on effective and practical solutions for all your male enhancement needs.

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