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Are You In a Situationship?

Houston Penile SurgerySpotting the signs of a situationship can help manage expectations and make the most of these relationships while they last. Also known as friends-with-benefits or no official title at all, situationships express sexual desires without a serious commitment. After a Houston penile surgery or male enhancement procedure, a situationship may help restore your confidence in intimate situations without the pressure of a commitment. There are a few hallmarks of a situationship and tips for managing these complicated relationships.

No Strings Attached

A situationship typically involves a sexual relationship that does not include long-term plans for living together or marriage. They are a halfway step between occasional hookups and a serious long-term relationship. While situationships can sometimes develop into something more, they are notable for lacking commitment or direction. This can be difficult for those looking for a long-term relationship and a lasting connection with a partner.

Transitional Relationships

Many situationships occur during the aftermath of a breakup or when someone is going through a transition in their lives. Men considering Houston male cosmetic surgery may also be looking for an interim relationship to help to build their confidence before or after undergoing these procedures. After their Houston penile surgery is complete, they may be ready for a more permanent relationship and a greater degree of intimacy.

Minimizing Pressure

An important reason to consider a situationship rather than a more defined relationship is the lack of pressure. This may allow feelings and connections to develop more naturally and over a longer period of time.

Differing Ideas of the Relationship

One of the biggest challenges facing couples in a situationship is the potential difference in expectations between the two people involved. It is crucial to make sure that both you and your partner are clear about the goals for the relationship. Being open and honest about your situation will prevent most misunderstandings allowing you to enjoy this situationship.

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