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Risks of AlloDerm Male Enhancement Surgery

Phalloplasty can improve the appearance and function of your penis to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence. In some cases, however, you may be tempted to opt for a quick-fix solution. AlloDerm penis enlargement procedures are available in some areas and promise fast results and a thicker penis. Choosing this surgical option, however, could cause serious problems both immediately and in the long run.

What Is AlloDerm?

AlloDerm is a surgical procedure that uses fat injections or transfers to increase the girth of the penis. The fat used in these procedures is donated or collected from cadavers, purified and structured into sheets that are then wrapped around the shaft of the penis during surgery. During a Houston male cosmetic surgery, the physician may use up to six layers of AlloDerm sheets to create the larger girth desired by the patient. The results of an AlloDerm procedure are immediately apparent.

Drawbacks to AlloDerm Surgery

Because AlloDerm is a relatively new male enhancement procedure, not much medical research has been performed on the long-term effects on patients. Some of the known drawbacks of AlloDerm procedures include the following:

  • Donor tissue may not be screened effectively and could potentially transmit serious infections to patients during the surgical process. Case studies have shown that HIV, syphilis and hepatitis could potentially be transmitted through infected AlloDerm tissue.
  • Skin necrosis can occur if the procedure is performed incorrectly or if blood vessels fail to supply necessary nutrients to the area of the implant. This can necessitate the removal of the AlloDerm sheets and the loss of any improvements in size and girth.
  • Some patients may experience allergic reactions to AlloDerm implants that require their removal.
  • The grafted tissue can sometimes slip out of place or shrink, creating an asymmetric appearance and requiring further surgery to correct these issues.
  • Scarring is a normal part of the procedure and could cause further self-esteem issues for some men.
  • The results of AlloDerm are not permanent and may require repeated applications to maintain the increased girth and improved appearance.

By working with an experienced and knowledgeable Phalloplasty surgeon, you can determine the right approach to your male enhancement surgery needs.

Consulting with a trusted and knowledgeable surgeon can help you find the right solutions for your penis enhancement and enlargement needs. These dedicated medical professionals can offer advice and support for your specific situation and can provide you with accurate information on the latest advances in this surgical field. By entrusting your sexual health to a qualified professional, you can ensure the most positive results and the best options for male enhancement in the Houston area.

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