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Commonly Asked Questions About Penis Widening Recovery

penis wideningPenis widening procedures can help you feel more confident, which can help your mental, emotional, and sexual health. Many men are insecure about the girth of their penis, which can lead to avoiding healthy romantic and sexual relationships. Additionally, if you are embarrassed about your penis width, you may also feel awkward in places like gym locker rooms. Penis widening can help with these feelings to help you feel more self-assured.

If you are considering this procedure, you may have a few questions about what recovery will look like. Every patient is different and the doctor will provide you with specific post-op instructions. However, here are some general guidelines regarding penis enlargement surgery recovery.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Many men are concerned about when they can return to their normal activities after a penis widening or penis enlargement surgery. Generally, you can return to work within one day after your penis widening procedure. However, you should avoid heavy lifting for and wear the special post-operative dressing for at least 4 weeks.

How Much Time Should I Take Off Work for My Penis Widening Procedure?

Each person is different, but usually 1-3 days off is sufficient for most occupations. If you work in an environment where you have to lift heavy objects, you should schedule off for about 4 weeks, plus the day of your surgery.

When Can I Resume Sexual Activity?

After your penis widening procedure, you should refrain from sexual intercourse for around 6 weeks. This procedure doesn’t affect your ability to get an erection, but it is important to ensure that you are fully healed from your enlargement procedure before you have sex. The exact timing will depend on how you heal, so it’s important to consult your doctor about your specific circumstances. Your doctor will provide you with precise post-operative instructions, so you should follow those closely to ensure the best outcomes.

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