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Shapes of Penises & Houston Penis Enlargement Surgery

various vegetables to show different penis shapes for Houston penis enlargement surgery

It’s important to consider your penis shape to determine what type of Houston penis enlargement surgery is right for you.

Everyone is different, so it makes sense that most penises look different as well. However, there are general categories of penis shapes that you might have. These different shapes may affect what type of Houston penis enlargement surgery you want to improve your appearance. In this blog, we’ll go over different penis shapes and how that may impact the type of procedure you want.

How Does Penis Shape Affect Houston Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Houston penis enlargement surgery can do many different things. Your procedure is tailored to your penis and the results you are looking for. Men with different penis shapes often need different procedures to achieve the look they want. For some, they may need lengthening only. Others may need penis widening only. Also, some people need both lengthening and widening. Depending on the shape of your penis, you might even need widening only in a certain area of the penis. This can help reshape the penis to suit your desired results. Therefore, your penis shape has a great deal to do with the type of penis enlargement procedure you decide on.

Different Penis Shapes

So, what are the different penis shapes? Of course, like we said, everyone is different. Therefore, not everyone’s penis will look the same, even if it’s a similar shape. However, there are a few common penis shapes that we see. They include:

  • The Carrot: This is where the penis is long and narrow. Men with this type of penis might benefit from penis widening procedures. 
  • The Burrito: Penises may also be shaped like a burrito, where they are incredibly girthy, but the length doesn’t look proportional to the width. If this is the case, you might be looking for penis lengthening.
  • The Pickle:  This is where the penis is somewhat short and narrow, giving an overall undersized look. For men with penises shaped like pickles, you might want both widening and lengthening for your Houston penis enlargement surgery.
  • The Sausage: This type of penis is proportional in both length and width. If you do want to undergo a penis enlargement procedure, then you may need both lengthening and widening to help maintain similar proportions. 
  • The Cone: Men with a cone-shaped penis will have more width near the pubic bone and narrower width near the head. If this is the case for your penis, you might want fat transfer penis widening primarily near the head. 
  • The Mushroom: By contrast, mushroom shaped penises are narrower near the pubic bone and wider near the head, creating a mushroom-like appearance. Once again, you might consider widening male enhancement procedures, but adding most of the girth closer to the pubic bone. 

Male Enhancement Solutions at Texas Phalloplasty Institute

Our team at Texas Phalloplasty Institute is here to help you improve the look of your penis. We offer quality care for penis enlargement procedures of all types. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Capriotti, offers years of experience to provide the male enhancement surgery you want. Schedule a private, confidential consultation with Dr. Capriotti today to discuss your desired results and learn more about your surgical options.

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