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Penis Lengthening: Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Bigger?

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Apple juice won’t make your penis bigger, but penis lengthening & widening procedures can.

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis, often looking for penis lengthening solutions. Recently, there’s been a surge of online searches on whether drinking apple juice can make your penis larger. We’ll explore the facts in this article.

Does Apple Juice Help with Penis Lengthening or Widening?

If you’ve searched for penis enlargement recently, you may have noticed a recommended search regarding apple juice. Specifically, many people have recently been Googling whether apple juice can enlarge the penis. However, the answer is, unsurprisingly, no. 

Nothing you eat or drink increases penis size. If something as common as apple juice did have an effect on penis size, then it likely would already have a reputation for penis lengthening. Therefore, this is a myth. While apple juice may give your body nutrients (and, often, a lot of extra sugar), it is not going to make your penis grow any larger.

Where the Myth Came From

Of course, you might be wondering where this myth came from and why so many people have been searching for it. It’s unclear exactly how it got started, but it may have something to do with a resurfacing of a satirical article from Empire News claiming that apple juice can increase penis size. From there, it has likely circulated as a meme that some have taken as reality. However, it’s important to note that the likely source for this myth is a satirical news website, meaning they intentionally put out incorrect news for entertainment purposes. 

Penile Surgery is the Only Proven Way to Get a Larger Penis

While apple juice isn’t the solution for your concerns regarding penis size, penile surgery might be. Surgery has been proven to help increase penis size. There are different procedures based on your desired outcomes. 

Penis lengthening typically involves releasing the suspensory ligament in the penis. This allows more of the penis to hang outside of the body and can result in gains of up to one to two inches in extra length, though results vary for each individual.

Widening procedures involve taking extra fat from another area of your body and injecting it into the penis for extra girth. Like with penis lengthening procedures, results are different for everyone. However, many patients see an increase in girth by up to 35%. 

Therefore, instead of going out and buying all the apple juice you find, schedule a consultation with our surgeon to learn about your penis enlargement options.

Penis Lengthening and Widening Procedures from Texas Phalloplasty Institute

Our team at Texas Phalloplasty Institute is here to help you address your concerns about penis size. We offer quality Houston male cosmetic surgery to help enhance the look and size of your penis. Our surgeon, Dr. Capriotti, offers years of experience to help you achieve natural-looking results for your penile surgery. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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