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Penis Enlargement Surgery vs. Penis “Enlarging” Oils

cucumber to show how penis enlargement surgery can help increase penis length and width

Penis enlargement surgery can help you get a longer, wider penis.

Every day we see new advertisements for the latest “breakthrough” in penis enlargement, despite a lack of scientific evidence. Many people wonder if special oils marketed for increasing size are an alternative to penis enlargement surgery. Let’s discuss this question and some of the potential dangers of so-called penis enlarging oils.

Are Penis Enlarging Oils an Alternative to Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is currently the only reliable way to increase penis size. Penile surgery can help increase length and/or girth for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions like micropenis and for cosmetic reasons. If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, surgery is one of the only options available for lasting results. 

Many people wonder whether there are non-surgical alternatives to enhance the size of their penis. One common question is whether penis enlargement oils work well for making the penis longer or larger. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, despite many websites marketing these products to men looking for penis enhancement. 

Dangers of Penis Oils

It’s important to note that these oils can actually be dangerous for several reasons. Therefore, we recommend you talk to a doctor before trying any product that claims to increase penis size. There are risks involved with trying these products. 

The first thing to understand is that many of these oils claim to be Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is a traditional holistic medicine originating from India that focuses on balance and harmony in the universe. Medicines from this practice typically use herbal treatments. Some studies have found potentially dangerous levels of substances like lead, mercury, and arsenic in these types of medicines. Some penis oils even contain the steroid DHEA. Also, keep in mind that even if the oils do contain herbs traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicines, they have little to no scientific evidence that they are effective. For instance, some common ingredients include cinnamon, clove, aloe vera, and ginseng. There is no evidence that these affect penis size. 

In addition, keep in mind that using topical products of any kind on the penis can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Some side effects can include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Bumps
  • Blisters
  • Itching
  • Burning

In some cases, you might also have a higher risk for infections like urinary tract infections when using penis oils. You can also cause these side effects in any sexual partners if they come into contact with the oil on your penis. Another important thing to note is that oils of any kind can break down latex condoms. 

Because penis oils are ineffective and come with many risks, most doctors don’t recommend them. For proven ways to increase penis size, talk to our team about different penis enlargement surgery procedures.

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