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Penis Enlargement and Self Image

Penis enlargement, a procedure known in the medical community as phalloplasty, is the only technique for enlarging the penis that is guaranteed to be effective. While the process is a surgical procedure that requires a short stay in the hospital and recovery time at home, the benefits of phalloplasty are many.

The Penis Enlargement Process

Penis enlargement surgery begins with a consultation to gather information about the medical history and goals of a patient. An appointment will be scheduled for the surgery during this consultation. Cosmetic surgical procedures that increase the size of the penis can either increase width, length or both.

The surgery itself is typically considered to be an inpatient procedure, but patients only need to spend approximately one night in the hospital before being released. Observation during this time is intended to prevent the risk of infection at the surgical site.

While patients do experience some pain after penis enlargement surgery, painkillers will be prescribed to help reduce this pain. Pain will lessen during the recovery process, and most patients find that the pain completely subsides within four weeks. At the end of these four weeks, physical activity and sexual activities may be resumed unless complications arise.

Risks associated with enhancement surgery are the same as those related to other types of surgery. Patients should be sure to discuss these risks and provide a thorough medical background to their cosmetic surgeon prior to scheduling surgery. Allergies to medication and ongoing medical issues must be mentioned during the consultation to ensure that risks related to surgery are kept to a minimum.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement

While penis lengthening is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, the surgery may be completed for reconstructive purposes when damage is done to the penis. People who undergo the surgery for this reason are able to regain confidence and feel better about themselves.

Other benefits of male enhancement surgery include:

  • More satisfying sexual experiences.
  • An increase in the length and width of the penis. Some patients can undergo both surgeries to achieve an increase in both the length and width of the penis.
  • An improved quality of life due to higher self esteem.

A Look At Self Image and Enhancement Surgery

The most significant benefit to male cosmetic surgery is improved self image. Sexual confidence tends to be improved once a patient has completely healed from surgery, and many men who have undergone penis enlargement surgery report that their sex life has improved significantly.

Men who are focused on the size of their penis may find that they are free to shift their focus to other aspects of their lives that need to be improved after they gain confidence through enhancement surgery. Speaking with a medical professional to establish the reason for seeking male cosmetic surgery prior to undergoing any procedure is recommended to ensure that it is being done for the right reasons.

It is important to realize that enhancement surgery is not the answer to relationship problems. An improved sex life does not have the ability to change the dynamics in every aspect of an intimate relationship. However, men who are experiencing problems with self image due to penis size in particular will find that this lack of confidence is turned around following surgery.

Anyone who feels that they would benefit from male enhancement surgery should schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss the topic further. Determining whether a person is able to have the surgery will need to be done by a medical professional who has experience in performing phalloplasty. Most patients gain self confidence and an improved sex life after penis enlargement surgery.

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