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Penile Surgery: Ligament Release vs. Penuma Implant

penis may be longer after cosmetic penile surgery

Penile surgery may help make your penis look longer or wider.

Many men want a bigger penis, and penile surgery may help you achieve this goal. There are a lot of different surgical options out there to choose from, two of the most  common being suspensory ligament release and the Penuma implant. We’ll discuss some of the options for penis enhancement and the differences between these two common procedures. 

What Penile Surgery Options Exist? 

When it comes to male enhancement procedures, there are any number of options. Much of this depends on the results you’re looking for from surgery. For instance, you might want to increase length, girth, or both. During a consultation, your surgeon can help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for penile surgery and which procedure may help.

While some patients receive cosmetic treatments such as penile fillers, they typically offer temporary results as the body absorbs the filler material. Still others may opt for tissue penile augmentation with AlloDerm. However, this type of treatment typically requires sutures and erection inhibiting medications. The body may also reject the graft material because it is not the patient’s own tissue. 

Two other surgical options for penile enhancement include suspensory ligament release and the Penuma penile implant. Let’s talk about these in more depth. 

Suspensory Ligament Release or Penuma for Male Enhancement?

Suspensory ligament release is a procedure where we make a small incision in your pubic area (where your pubic hair will likely hide the scar) and release the suspensory ligament. The suspensory ligament attaches the penis to the pubic bone and actually holds some of your penis inside the body. When this ligament is released, more of the penis can hang outside the body. It also may change the angle of the penis to help give the appearance of more length. Many men also pair suspensory ligament release with other procedures, such as pubic tuck, which removes excess fat and skin in the pubic area that may obscure some of the penis. This may also help the penis appear larger. Many patients also pair the ligament release option with penis widening procedures, such as fat transfer with the patient’s own fat to help reduce the risk of rejection. 

Penuma, on the other hand, is a silicone implant. This implant is inserted into the penis through an incision typically made at the base of the penis. Penuma implants can come in three sizes and may help increase length and width. Some of the requirements for Penuma surgery include having a fully-healed circumcised penis and no previous male enhancement surgeries, in addition to other recommendations such as general health and realistic expectations of results. 

Personalized Care for Penis Enhancement

At Texas Phalloplasty Institute, we offer individualized care for cosmetic penis enhancement. Dr. Capriotti, a double board certified surgeon, offers experienced surgical procedures to help improve the size of the penis. He was one of the first surgeons in the U.S. to use the patient’s own fat for penis enhancement and has helped improve the technique with platelet-rich plasma therapy. Call us now at (713) 674-7201 to learn more and schedule a comprehensive consultation. 

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