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Penile Surgery Helps Increase Girth for Her Pleasure

Eggplant to represent girth after penile surgery

Penile surgery can enhance penis size, which may help improve pleasure for your partner.

When discussing penis size, there’s a lot of focus on penis length. However, girth is also an important part of penis size, particularly for female pleasure. Many men seek penile surgery to improve performance in bed and boost pleasure for their partners. If this is your goal, girth may be more important than length. In this article, we’ll discuss why girthier penises may be more pleasurable for women and how surgery can help increase penis circumference. 

Why Girth Matters for Female Pleasure

Surveys suggest that women find penis width more sexually satisfying than length. In a small study from BMC Women’s Health, 90% of women preferred penis girth to length. Therefore, if you’re considering penile surgery to improve your performance in bed, you may want to consider penis widening procedures. 

There may be several reasons why women find wider penises more sexually satisfying, both physical and psychological. Some theorize that wider penises better stimulate pleasure centers in and around the vagina. There are several areas with sensitive nerve endings that may enhance pleasure for women during sex. There is the clitoris, the G-spot, as well as nerve endings around the vaginal opening and down the sides of the vagina. A wider penis can stimulate all these pleasure areas at once to provide even greater satisfaction for women during sex. In addition, a wider penis can give a sense of more fullness, which can also be satisfying for many women. Therefore, while the vagina adapts to fit the penis during sex, wider penises may be more pleasurable because of these reasons. 

How Penile Surgery Can Help You Achieve a Wider Penis

Many men seek penile surgery to increase size. In many cases, men feel more confident in sexual situations as well as locker room situations after size enhancing phalloplasty procedures. There are several surgical options to choose from to increase penis size. For girth-enhancing procedures, the surgeon typically uses your own fat to expand penis circumference. 

Penile enlargement procedures vary depending on your individual circumstances and your desired results. Typically, the surgeon takes fat from an area of your body (such as the pubic fat pad or even the love-handle area) and purifies it. Then, they take the purified fat and inject it into the penis. You can also repeat the procedure in most cases to increase penis girth gains. For example, the second penis widening injection can result in a 50% increase in penis girth when repeated three months after the first injection. Therefore, this is a common procedure for men looking to increase penis width.

Experienced Penile Enhancement at Texas Phalloplasty Institute

Male enhancement is simple when you choose our team at Texas Phalloplasty Institute. We offer quality care for penile surgery to help improve the look of your penis to help you feel more confident. We offer years of experience for Houston male cosmetic surgery. If you’re interested in penis enhancement, our team is here for you. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your options for penis widening and lengthening.

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