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New Study Indicates Women Prefer Larger Penises

phalloplasty_108In a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of New Mexico and the University of California, women indicated that they preferred slightly larger penis sizes for shorter-term sexual relationships than those they selected for their long-term partners. The study also showed that women preferred penises that were longer and thicker than the average size. For men who have concerns about their ability to satisfy their lovers, looking into penis enlargement procedures may provide greater confidence during intimate encounters.

What the Study Revealed

The methodology of the study differed from previous approaches to this issue in a few ways:

  • The penis models used in this research study were 3-D representations rather than photographs or video renderings. This allowed participants in the study to make a more accurate assessment of size and girth.
  • Previous studies had typically presented women with representations or photographs of flaccid penises. The penis models in this study were erect, allowing women to make a more accurate assessment of size during intercourse.
  • The women were allowed to select from among 33 hard plastic penis models in an extensive range of lengths and girths.
  • Participants were also asked a range of questions about their past sexual partners. More than one-fourth of the women in the study indicated that penis size had played a role in the failure of at least one relationship, with 20 percent stating that the penis had been too small and just 7 percent indicating that they had ended a relationship because of a too-large penis.

Because the differences between the preferred sizes and the average penis size were relatively slight, men may have greater success in pleasing their partners by undergoing penis lengthening or enlargement procedures under the guidance of an experienced physician who specializes in this area.

Implications for Men

The results of the study seem to indicate that women are more interested in larger penis sizes when looking for a short-term or casual sexual partner. This may be attributable to the desire for novelty during these encounters. The preferences expressed by participants in the study vary by only a small degree from average penis length and girth, which may indicate that this is not a major issue for most men. For those interested in increasing the size of their penises, however, advances in the medical field have made penis enlargement and enhancement procedures more effective and convenient than ever before.

Male enhancement procedures can provide added confidence and increased satisfaction for men and their partners in intimate situations. By discussing these options with a Phalloplasty professional, you can enjoy the benefits of these advanced medical solutions.

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