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Male Genitalia Can Be Safely Increased in Size With Male Enhancement Surgery

When gender equality comes into question, men are often considered to have the upper hand. However, since the late 19th century, breast augmentation has become an increasingly common and accepted form of cosmetic surgery, while phalloplasty has been met with criticism and consternation. Fortunately, the tides have begun to change over the past few decades.

Similar to breast augmentation, phalloplasty performed for aesthetic or medical reasons serves to alter a male’s natural anatomy, thus improving self-esteem, confidence and even sexual performance. Like centuries past, modern societies view a large penis as a symbol of virility and success. While those two attributes are not exclusive to men with genitalia of above-average proportions, superficial features often dictate how humans are judged. With this in mind, phalloplasty is a personal decision that often sparks a vast upswing in self-worth.

In addition to penis lengthening or girth enlargement, phalloplasty is a viable option for reconstructing a penis lost to disease or accident, transforming a congenital anomaly or carrying out a gender reassignment. The most common surgeries involve injecting fatty tissue under the skin of the penis, grafting skin taken from another part of the body to the penis, and severing the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, resulting in visible, increased length. These procedures can be carried out exclusively or together.

Before undertaking such a delicate process, it is important to find a licensed doctor that is an authority in this specialized male enhancement field. Due to phalloplasty’s nascent popularity, research is necessary to separate the capable doctors from those hoping to pad their retirement funds by chasing a rising trend. It is important to verify certification, confirm experience and success rates, and ensure that procedures are carried out with the latest equipment.

Given the proper treatment and care, phalloplasty is an excellent method of enhancing nature’s design. Finally, with phalloplasty, men are able to take a cue from their female counterparts and safely augment an integral part of their reproductive system and the very symbol of their masculinity.

The Length And Width Of Male Genitalia Can Be Safely Increased With Male Enhancement Surgery

In history as well as in modern times, the phallus has been an exalted symbol of power. Despite the purported allure of possessing a large penis—confidence in the business world, alpha status among male friends, ease of acquiring a suitable mate – male cosmetic surgery, also known as phalloplasty, had been previously shunned by the medical sphere. Formerly labeled as a useless and impossible procedure, medical professionals and the general public have begun to recognize phalloplasty as a safe and effective cosmetic surgery.

Although phalloplasty is a physical alteration, it is often a catalyst for psychological transformation as well. Due to centuries of propagated beliefs that “bigger is better” and the not-so-subtle message sent by modern media, men often feel that the size of their penis is inadequate. These insecurities are a detriment to any man’s well-being. While it is true that most personal metamorphoses require a lot of time and a bit of soul-searching, phalloplasty is a simple procedure with a quick recovery period.

Depending on personal concerns, phalloplasty can be tailored to target issues of length, width and penile congenital anomalies. When dealing with width enlargement, fat transfer results in less scarring. This procedure entails transferring the patient’s own fat from one area of the body, via liposuction, to the penis. Skin grafting also produces satisfying outcomes. Tissue from the patient’s body or treated tissue from another person’s body can be used. Besides girth enhancement, men may opt to have their penis lengthened. Cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone results in an extra 1-2 inches in length, and this procedure can be performed with width enlargement or separately.

Due to the sensitive nature of phalloplasty, finding a doctor who exhibits patience, professionalism and tact is key. Since word-of-mouth recommendations may be difficult to come by, anonymous patient testimonials can be sought, along with documented success and failure statistics. Finding a staff that is educated in the most current cosmetic surgery practices, and who utilizes top-of-the-line equipment, is vital to health and happiness.

Nature is flawed, man is flawed. Fortunately, the knowledge and tools necessary for refinement do exist. Once considered a travesty, phalloplasty has since become a much-coveted, albeit clandestine, achievement in the cosmetic surgery realm and beyond.

Penis Enlargement Surgery, Call Phalloplasty, Is A Safe, Effective Way To Increase The Size Of Male Genitalia

If answering honestly, most men would choose their penis size as the one thing they would like to change about themselves. Despite the hush surrounding phalloplasty, this cosmetic surgery can play an integral role in improving the XY set’s overall quality of life.

While phalloplasty can be performed for more pressing situations such as congenital defects, penile reconstruction or gender reassignment, it is more commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Although the unsympathetic might dismiss penis enlargement as frivolous, trite and even dangerous, phalloplasty came into existence to fulfill a need in the medical world, and it has since been proven to be a safe and effective method of boosting self-confidence while leaving a man’s dignity intact.

Even in specialized care such as phalloplasty, surgical options are available. For increasing width, fat transfer and skin grafting both produce optimal results. Equal in terms of their relatively low-invasive methodology, the liposuction used in fat transfer tends to leave less scarring, while skin grafting ensures a smooth finish long after the surgery has been completed. For those concerned with penile length, a simple snip of the suspensory ligament will add as much as 2 inches to the penis in its flaccid state. Although it increases the amount of time spent on the operating table, girth and length surgeries can be performed at the same time.

Finding a surgeon proficient in phalloplasty is the first step in this rewarding process. It is important to find a doctor who will address and assuage any concerns and make sure that the procedure is completely outlined and understood before pressing forward. As with any medical procedure, state-of-the-art equipment, an attentive, experienced staff and the most up-to-date surgery practices are critical.

After acquiring knowledge of the procedure and speaking to a qualified medical professional, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this life-altering surgery before making a decision. Bear in mind, however, that while phalloplasty is not a sexy subject, the results of this surgery can lead to a more sexually gratifying, fruitful life.

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