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Male Enhancement Products Vs. Houston Penile Surgery

Houston male cosmetic surgery - Texas Phalloplasty Institute

Penis enlargement pills and creams aren’t effective and could be dangerous. Houston male cosmetic surgery is the only way to make your penis appear larger permanently.

While many advertisements promise non-surgical penis enlargement, most of these products are ineffective and can sometimes be harmful. Houston male cosmetic surgery for penis lengthening, on the other hand, can make your penis appear larger. While it may be tempting to click on ads for male enhancement devices, supplements, and creams, you should remember that these products are unregulated and have little scientific research backing their efficacy. Houston penile surgery, however, can help your penis appear larger.

Penis Pumps

Penis pump advertisements often assert that pumps can make your penis larger. These devices require you to insert the shaft of your penis into the pump and draw out the air, creating a vacuum. This causes an erection and increases the blood flow to your penis. You then attach a ring to the base of your genitals to keep the blood inside your penis. This can make your penis appear larger. However, once you remove the ring your penis will revert back to its normal size. Unlike surgical Houston male enhancement, these products offer temporary enlargement only for as long as you wear the constricting ring. Unfortunately, they can also cause several complications, such as blistering, ruptured blood vessels, and discolored or thickened penile skin.

Supplements and Lotions

Other common products that claim to enhance penis size are supplements and creams. These drugs advertise that they make your penis larger without devices or surgery, just by taking a pill or applying a topical cream. These sound too good to be true because, simply put, they are. These substances are unregulated and provide little to no evidence of their efficacy. The idea behind these products is that they contain vitamins and minerals that will make your penis larger. Unfortunately, at best they are ineffective and at worse they can contain harmful amounts of vitamins and minerals. For penis enlargement, Houston male cosmetic surgery is likely a better use of your efforts.

Houston Male Cosmetic Surgery for a Longer Penis

Penile surgery has been shown to be effective at making the penis appear larger. Part of the penis is actually positioned inside the body, attached to the pubic bone by a ligament. This ligament is called the suspensory ligament. Houston male cosmetic surgery for penile lengthening involves releasing the suspensory ligament, which allows more of the penis to extend outside of the body. This procedure can lengthen the penis by an average of one to two inches in its flaccid state, though length gain varies.

If you are considering penis enlargement, the Texas Phalloplasty Institute has the experience you want for your Houston male cosmetic surgery. Dr. Capriotti has over 25 years in the cosmetic surgery field to help you achieve better confidence about your penis size. We provide quality and cost-effective personalized care for your Houston male enhancement procedures. To schedule a consultation with our team, call us today at (713) 674-7201 or toll free at 1-800-922-4583. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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