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How Your Penis Width May Affect Your Sexual Partners

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Many women say wider penises provide more pleasure for them. Male cosmetic surgery can help you get a wider penis and potentially please your partners even more.

Recent studies suggest that women prefer wider penises. Researchers surveyed women to determine whether width or length felt better during sex and 90% of the participants reported that width felt better. For men who have a narrower penis, male cosmetic surgery may help you achieve the girth that women are looking for. Learn more about why penis width matters and how you can increase your girth with male cosmetic surgery.

Penis Girth and Female Pleasure

While previous studies concluded that penis size doesn’t matter for female sexual satisfaction, this may not actually be true. While a woman’s vagina does adapt to her partner’s penis size during penetrative sex, penis size does still seem to influence how good sex feels for women. In addition to surveys about width versus length, researchers also conducted an experiment with 3D printed penises and found that the majority of the women who inspected the models preferred the wider penises. There are a few theories that might explain why women prefer a wider penis.

First, researchers suggest that a thicker penis may provide more clitoral stimulation, which can increase a woman’s pleasure during sex. Additionally, there are pressure-sensitive nerves throughout the vagina that sense the width of your penis. Studies suggest that women may prefer the sense of fullness during sex that a wider penis provides. However, if you aren’t particularly wide, male cosmetic surgery can help increase your penis width. This may help you provide more pleasurable moments for you and your female sexual partners.

How Male Cosmetic Surgery Helps You Achieve a Wider Penis

There are a few penile surgery options that widen your penis. However, our preferred method is the fat transfer penis widening procedure. For a fat transfer penis widening procedure, your surgeon takes your own fat using liposuction and then inserts it into your penis to provide additional girth. The benefits of this male enhancement procedure is that it is highly unlikely that your body will reject the fat, since it’s from your own body.

By contrast, the AlloDerm procedure uses a tissue craft from another human and grafts it around the base of the penis. This treated graft material from another person may be rejected by your body, since it’s not your own tissue. Additionally, after this procedure, you must take medications to prevent erections for one month. Because of these drawbacks of the AlloDerm procedure, we prefer fat transfer male cosmetic surgery to improve your girth. With a wider penis, you may improve your self-esteem and might even give your sexual partners a more pleasurable time.

At Texas Phalloplasty Institute, we believe penile surgery  should be tailored to the individual. Dr. Capriotti was one of the first surgeons to use a patient’s own fat for phalloplasty. Additionally he has extensive experience performing a wide range of male enhancement procedures. We operate out of a state-of-the-art surgery center. This means we often save you thousands of dollars for your penile surgery compared to many other facilities. Call us today at (713) 674-7201 to schedule your initial consultation with Texas Phalloplasty Institute. We are here to serve you.

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