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How Your Penis Changes as You Age

Penis Enlargement SurgeryAs men grow older, their physical attributes change as a result of the aging process. In some cases, the size, color or sensitivity of the penis change over time. Urinary difficulties may also occur as a normal part of the aging process. For some men, penis enlargement surgery provides added confidence and a practical way to address these issues. Most common effects of aging on the penis can be dealt with in a proactive and effective way.

Issues with Urinary Function

In many cases, urinary difficulties are the result of an enlarged prostate or weakened bladder muscles. Discussing these issues with a qualified physician often helps you to find solutions for these issues in an effective and practical way. In some cases, penile surgery offers added help for urinary tract issues that interfere with everyday activities. Consulting with your doctor will help you to determine the most effective solution for issues with your urinary function.

Gradual Shrinkage of the Penis

As the production of testosterone slows down, the penis may become somewhat smaller. For patients with circulatory issues, this change can be even more dramatic. A Houston penis enlargement procedure may be a good way to restore the original size of your penis. Another strategy to consider is to engage in sexual intercourse or masturbation every day. This helps you to maintain the size of your penis and promote the healthiest function possible of your penis.

Reduced Sensitivity

Over time, the reduction in testosterone lowers the sensitivity of the skin of your penis. Poor circulation also plays a role in causing this issue in some men. One of the most practical solutions for this issue is to continue sexual activity and masturbation. This promotes increased blood flow and enhanced sensitivity well into your golden years. In some cases, your physician may also recommend testosterone replacement therapies to help you feel more confident and ensure that you enjoy sexual interactions to the fullest degree possible.

Color Changes

As you age, the color of the skin of your penis may become paler or more mottled. These changes are purely cosmetic and typically have no effect on the size or function of your penis.

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