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Health Benefits of Regular Sexual Relations

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Consider a penis enlargements for sexual health benefits.

Engaging in regular sexual activity can provide a number of health benefits. For some men, a cosmetic penis enlargement by Houston penis enlargement doctor, Dr. Robert Capriotti, may be an important investment in self-confidence and self-esteem during intimate encounters. This can allow them to enjoy sex more frequently and can ensure that they receive the most practical health benefits from their sexual relationships. Here are some clinically proven health benefits of regular sexual activity

Improved Immune Function 

Studies have shown that engaging in sexual activity with a partner on a regular basis can increase the number of antibodies in your bloodstream. This can result in greater resistance to colds, viral infections and other bugs that may be going around at work, at school or in your community. 

Lower Blood Pressure 

Sexual activity has also been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure readings. Specifically, studies have indicated that having sex with your partner can lower systolic blood pressure. This can allow you to enjoy better health and greater longevity while doing something you enjoy. 

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack 

Because sexual activity plays a role in balancing hormones within your body, having sex could actually lower your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. One study showed that men who had sexual intercourse at least twice each week were 50 percent less likely to die of heart disease than those who rarely or never had sex. Since sex also counts as a form of exercise, regular and vigorous sessions could improve the function of your cardiovascular system to reduce your risk of a heart attack even further. 

Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer 

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculated 21 times or more per month were much less likely to develop prostate cancer. Sex with a partner and masturbation were both effective in warding off this condition and protecting the health of men who participated in the study. 

Improved Sleep 

Satisfying sexual intercourse can lead to the release of chemicals that can make it much easier to fall asleep. This can be of critical importance to men and women who suffer from insomnia or frequently have trouble in falling asleep after a long and stressful day. By engaging in sex with a trusted partner, these individuals may be able to improve both the quality and the duration of their sleep afterwards. 

Male enhancement procedures and phalloplasty procedures, such as a penis enlargement surgery, can provide men with added confidence when considering intimate encounters with the partner of their choice. By consulting with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, men can boost their self-esteem and their ability to make the best possible impression in their personal relationships.

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