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Is Fat Transfer Penile Surgery Permanent?

Banana to represent penis after penile surgery with fat transfer

Fat transfer penile surgery can help make your penis wider.

Penile surgery can help you achieve a larger penis to help boost your self esteem. Many men wonder what options exist and how long results last for different penis enlargement procedures. Fat transfer is a common penile surgery that may increase girth. Let’s discuss what fat transfer penile augmentation is and common results and outcomes.

How Does Fat Transfer Penile Surgery Work?

Fat transfer Houston penis enlargement is a procedure many men choose to increase the width of their penis. This is a minimally invasive surgery that uses your body’s own fat to increase the size of your penis. At Texas Phalloplasty Institute, we utilize a process called PureGraft fat transfer. 

With fat transfer penis enlargement, our team starts by harvesting fat cells from your body. Typically we take these from the pubic area, abdomen, or thigh using a liposuction process. Once the surgeon has the amount of fat necessary for your penis enlargement surgery, then it goes through a specialized process to purify the fat. The purification process helps remove contaminants like blood, oil, fluid, and fragmented cells to provide purified fat for your procedure. Then, the surgeon makes a small incision in the penis and injects the fat cells to increase the girth of your penis. 

Using your own fat for penile surgery offers many benefits, including practically no chance of your body rejecting the fat. In addition, an experienced surgeon can help you achieve smooth, predictable results from this penis enlargement procedure

Is Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement Surgery Permanent?

A common question we receive is whether fat transfer penis surgery is permanent. It’s important to understand that results vary and that not everyone will achieve the same results. However, fat transfer penile enhancement can be a permanent solution for male enhancement. Of course, you should always talk to your surgeon about expected results. 

When fat is injected into the penis, the fat cells can live a lifetime. Generally speaking, your body does tend to reabsorb some of the fat shortly after the procedure. It’s common for about 30% of the fat cells to be reabsorbed in the months following penile surgery. However, in general, those that remain may do so for life. Because of the fat reabsorption process, your surgeon may slightly overfill the penis to account for some of the fat that your body will likely reabsorb. In addition, because of the reabsorption process, our team may recommend repeating the fat transfer procedure two or three times to achieve expected results. You should talk to our board-certified surgeon about the procedure and what to expect based on your specific circumstances. 

Houston Penis Enlargement at Texas Phalloplasty Institute

At Texas Phalloplasty Institute, we provide quality care for your penis enhancement desires. Our team offers discrete service and thorough consultations to walk you through the expectations and determine if penile surgery is right for you. Our surgeon, Dr. Robert Capriotti, is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon offering years of experience providing penis enhancement procedures. Get in touch now to schedule a consultation with our team. 

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