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Extended Foreplay Can Redefine Sex for Baby Boomers

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement, finding ways to spice up sexual activities can become a challenge. Some men can benefit from male cosmetic surgery procedures that can enhance the look and performance of the penis. For many aging couples, however, a new sexual technique known as extended foreplay can increase the pleasures of intimate contact and create a deeper bond between partners who engage in this practice. Here are some key facts about extended foreplay and how it can enhance the sexual experience.

Increased Confidence

Aside from penis enlargement and other cosmetic surgery options, increasing intimacy is one of the best ways to build confidence and self-esteem for many men. Self-confidence can be a real libido booster for men and can enhance their overall appeal in social situations. This can lead to much more satisfying sexual experiences both within a committed relationship and with less familiar partners.

Enhanced Pleasure for Women

Extended foreplay can also be beneficial to women, who can sometimes take longer to reach full arousal and readiness for intercourse. By taking extra time to set the scene and create the mood, women can enjoy the most satisfying and sensual experience with their partners. This can often increase desire for sexual intimacy that can carry over to later encounters and can strengthen the entire relationship.

Reduced Pressure

By extending the duration of foreplay, men can often reduce the pressure felt to achieve an erection and to be ready to perform immediately. While male enhancement procedures can sometimes provide added help in addressing these issues and making sexual arousal a simpler process, simply slowing down and taking away some of the urgency can often lead to improved performance with regular partners or new friends.

Tantric Experiences

Tantric sex has been practiced by members of the Hindu faith and culture for more than five millennia. This extended form of sexual activity is believed to produce intense and longer-lasting orgasms and to create deeper connections between the people involved. There is no one right way to practice Tantric sex. Most practitioners, however, do recommend a darkened room and a focus solely on the feelings shared by the two participants rather than on any particular act or outcome. This can allow a more holistic experience for both parties.

Finding ways to extend foreplay and the act of lovemaking can make these activities much more satisfying for you and your partner. By focusing on the journey rather than the destination, members of the Baby Boom generation can enjoy the best sex of their lives during the golden years of their retirement.

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