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Does the Size of the Male Penis Matter to Women?

This question has been studied numerous times before. You may have read the results of these studies and learned that women either do not care about the size of a man’s penis or prefer it to be on the larger side. A Canadian team of researchers believed that those who claimed not to care about the size were being “politically correct,” so they conducted their own study and discovered that their female subjects found tall men with the largest penises to be the most attractive. You may not fit this description, but you do not have to worry. You can rectify this situation with male enhancement surgery.

The Study’s Results

The Canadian study gives men one other important message. The shape of their bodies is even more important to women than the size of their penis. Specifically, the subjects in the Canadian study found men with greater shoulder-to-hip ratios to be the most alluring. If they also had a large phallus, this contributed to their attractiveness. Therefore, men should not begin to believe that they only need to have large penises to be appealing to women. As a matter of fact, researchers learned that a large penis alone does not cause a man to be more engaging than someone with a smaller appendage unless they have self image issues due to a small penis.

A Possible Explanation

Scientists looked to evolution to explain why a larger penis may be perceived as more desirable than a smaller one. According to a study that was outlined in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, women chose their sexual partners based on the size of the penis, and that is why it evolved into a larger size. Evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup, Jr. debunked this theory because women would have seen the male penis in a flaccid state before they chose a partner. The flaccid penis does not necessarily tell a woman how large it will be when it is erect.

A More Likely Explanation

Scientists have discovered one other possible reason that women prefer larger penises. Bigger male appendages are more conducive to obtaining a vaginal orgasm through intercourse. In a Scottish study, 160 out of 323 women enjoyed vaginal-only orgasms in the past month. Of this group, 33.8 percent stated that they preferred their male sexual partners to have larger penises. In general, women who experience the most vaginal-only orgasms tend to prefer larger phalluses.

The results led psychologist Stuart Brody to conclude that a large penis penetrates more of the cervix and the vagina than a smaller one. Therefore, this extra stimulation increases a man’s ability to provoke a vaginal orgasm.

A Dissenting Opinion

Rutgers University researcher Barry Komisaruk disagrees with the findings. Although he acknowledged the fact that women who prefer vaginal orgasms may like larger penises for the reason outlined above, he also stressed that not every female likes to receive this type of orgasm.

The Average Size

Scientists have measured men all over the world, and there appears to be a large variation in the size of the phallus. Men from the Republic of Congo have an average size of 7.1 inches. British men come in second with 5.5 inches. Men from South and North Korea fall behind French, Australian, American and Irish men at 3.8 inches.

Increasing Your Size

Now that you know that penis size is a contributing factor in the reason that women judge a man to be attractive, you may decided that you would like to have a penis lengthening procedure. A Phalloplasty surgeon can lengthen your penis and add width. With penis enlargement surgery, you will have an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence.

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