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Does Size Matter in the Bedroom?

Despite many women’s reassurances to the contrary, a new study suggests that size actually does matter. This is not welcome news to the many men who have anxiety about how big their penises are, and it flies in the face of the idea that it is not what you have but how you use it that really matters. Although the study is far from conclusive, it does strongly suggest that women are more likely to experience vaginal orgasms with partners who have longer-than-average penises. Fortunately, men with average-sized penises are not out of luck. Penis enlargement surgery is always an option.

Results of the study were published online on September 24 by The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers and psychologists at the University of the West of Scotland surveyed 323 women. The participants, who were mostly university students, were asked to describe their sexual experiences. They were also asked whether penis length mattered when it came to having vaginal orgasms.

Of the more than 300 women who participated, 160 had experienced vaginal orgasms and have enough experience to have an idea about whether or not length – or size – matters. Of those women, nearly 34 percent stated that they preferred longer penises. About 6 percent stated that longer penises were less pleasurable and about 60 percent said that length did not matter.

Men often want to know what is meant by an average-length penis. For the purposes of the study, the average length of a penis was described as approximately the length of a dollar bill, which is just over six inches long.

There is a lot of debate out there about how women experience orgasms in the first place. Some researchers believe that internal, or vaginal, orgasms are completely different and separate than clitoral orgasms. Others believe that vaginal orgasms are actually caused by the stimulation of interior portions of the clitoris. This distinction matters because while the size of a penis does not affect the ability of a woman to experience a clitoral orgasm, it may affect her ability to experience a vaginal one.

The study concluded that women who are able to have frequent vaginal orgasms are likelier to achieve them with partners who have longer-than-average penises. Similarly, women who prefer vaginal intercourse over other types of intercourse tend to favor longer penises. There is no data about what percentage of women fall into these categories, but it is safe to assume that a decent number of them do.

What does this mean for men? Guys who are already concerned about the sizes of their penises are going to feel even more pressure after reading about this study. Sadly, many men with smaller-than-average penises automatically assume that they are out of luck. Even when their partners insist that size does not matter, it is always hanging in the back of their minds. Those feelings can reduce a man’s enjoyment of sex and make him feel less confident in many other areas in his life.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you do not have to suffer in silence. Even if having a longer penis does not end up making sex more pleasurable, it could very well make you feel happier and more confident in general. Male cosmetic surgery is a viable option for many men. There have been advances in recent years that make phalloplasty, or penis enlargement surgery, more affordable and effective than ever.

Men who feel less than confident about their penis size can benefit enormously from phalloplasty. Male cosmetic surgery is more commonplace than at any other time in history. At the end of the day, sometimes surgery is the best way to gain the confidence you need to lead a happy, healthy life, and now there is even a study to back you up.

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