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Do Your Research When Choosing a Phalloplasty Surgeon

If you are interested in increasing the size of your male organ, you should know that phalloplasty — the surgical modification of the penis — is safe and relatively common. Even so, it is important that you actively seek out a surgeon whom you can trust. Ultimately, every surgical operation entails risk, and a penis enlargement is an especially delicate and sensitive undertaking.

Whether you would like a penis widening, a penis lengthening, or both, the Texas Department of Health website is a helpful place to begin your research. This site lists the credentials of every medical professional in the state. With this database at your disposal, you can locate Houston surgeons who are fully licensed and who have graduated from widely-respected medical schools.

You can also review doctors’ malpractice histories on the Texas Medical Board website. What’s more, the Texas Office of Insurance Regulation should be able to provide you with a list of the resolved medical malpractice claims against any surgeon whom you want to learn more about.

Once you have compiled a short list of qualified surgeons, you can call each of their offices and ask for price quote. Do not simply inquire about the price of the procedure itself. Instead, ask about all of the costs that are involved: operating room fees, the price of anesthesia and antibiotics, and so on. Remember, though, that you should not necessarily choose the medical office that charges the lowest overall. Rather, it is wise to schedule consultations with at least a few surgeons. That way, you can find out if their facilities look clean and well-maintained and if they employ helpful staff members.

At each consultation, ask the surgeon approximately how many phalloplastiy procedures they have performed and if you may see some before and after photographs. After all, you want to select a person with plenty of experience and someone who can deliver impressive results. Also feel free to raise any other questions that are on your mind. And be certain that you understand everything that the surgeon is trying to tell you. If they launch into medical jargon, do not be embarrassed about asking them to rephrase that information in simpler terms. Further, it is unwise to choose someone who bombards you with sales pressure. If a surgeon is badgering you to have your penis enlarged as soon as possible, you have to wonder why they are so desperate for a new patient.

It is important to research the phalloplasty procedure itself in addition to the surgeons who perform it. That way, you will know how to prepare yourself for the operation. For example, you may need to take extra vitamins for a few weeks beforehand and avoid sun exposure on the affected area for up to a year afterwards.

Remember as well that penile enlargements are not for everyone. You should be at least 18 years old, a nonsmoker, and free of chronic medical conditions. You must also be sure that you will have the time to make a full recovery. If you will need to get back to work immediately after your surgery, you should skip the procedure altogether.

What’s more, you should elect to get a phalloplasty because you want it for yourself, not because someone’s pressuring you to have it done. Also be aware that if you are unhappy with yourself before your penis enlargement, this surgery is unlikely to change that feeling. Those caveats aside, once you have learned all that you can about this operation and have found a trustworthy surgeon to perform it, you can look forward to enjoying the results for a long time to come.

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