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Dermal Grafts for Male Enhancement

There are a number options available for male enhancement that include dermal grafts to increase the circumference of the penis. One primary procedure is to have a portion of skin removed from the patient’s own body or that of somebody else’s and use it for penis enlargement. Another popular method is to use tissue from a cadaver to create a collagen graft or protein-only framework. Some surgeons specialize solely in one of these methods while others provide both options to their patients.

Most surgeries involving live tissue cells use skin grafts from the patient’s own body which tends to be safer than using tissue cells from someone else. The chances of the skin tissues being rejected by the body are also greatly reduced when they come from the patient. Also, if an infection occurs, which is rare, treatment of the infection is more easily done if the skin that was transplanted is from the patient himself. Also, some simply feel more comfortable using their own skin rather than somebody else’s, regardless of how safe the alternative method may be.

Those taking advantage of this type of surgery usually have skin removed from areas of the body that tend to be less visible. Examples include the lower abdomen, back or the very top of the leg just below the buttocks. Regardless of where the skin is removed from, scarring is usually minimal in that area.

The amount of skin that is removed depends. Split-thickness skin grafts usually remove the epidermis and a small portion of the dermis immediately below it. Full-thickness skin grafts involve both types of skin with a greater percentage of dermis skin tissue being involved. A composite skin graft includes fat or cartilage in addition to skin tissue. This is also known as a DFG or dermal fat graft and is usually the type used for penis widening.

However, AlloDerm also has plenty of advantages to offer patients. This is the skin tissue that has been donated from cadavers and had its cells removed so that just the collagen is left behind. This allows the patient’s own tissues and blood vessels to easily incorporate themselves into it and removes the possibility that any cells would be rejected.

Of course, one of the primary benefits of using AlloDerm is due to the skin tissues not coming from the patient himself. In other words, no skin needs to be removed from elsewhere on the body of the patient and there will be no scarred areas. Of course, there will also be no chance of any complications resulting from the removal of skin tissue or a healing process to undergo in relation to this type of surgery.

AlloDerm has been used to reconstruct various areas of human bodies since the FDA approved it in 1992 to replace skin on burn victims. This tissue is thoroughly tested and screened by a number of organizations, including the FDA, before it is used on patients.

Conversely, some prefer to simply have fat injected into the penis. This procedure is the least invasive and expensive method available.

Using DFGs, AlloDerm or a fat injection are proven, successful ways to achieve male enhancement and patients are pleased with the results of all three options.

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