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Dangers of Trendy Penis Enlargement Exercises

If you are considering male cosmetic surgery to correct issues or to increase the size of your penis, you may also be thinking about less reputable methods that claim to provide these benefits. Penis exercises like jelqing are often advertised as an effective way to enlarge penis size and to increase potency in intimate situations. These male enlargement exercises can often do more harm than good, however. Here are some facts every man should know before beginning penis enlargement exercises.


One of the most popular trends in male enhancement is jelqing. This technique is believed to have originated in the Middle East and consists of stroking and squeezing motions that are believed to force blood further into the shaft and tip of the penis. According to proponents of the practice, jelqing can increase the length and girth of the penis over an extended period of time. Jelqing is not without its risks and can actually cause serious injury in some cases.

Risks of Jelqing

Medical experts recommend against jelqing for a number of key reasons. The pressure and repeated stress of squeezing and stroking the penis with force can cause injuries that, left untreated, could cause lasting damage to the delicate structures inside. This can lead to the formation of scar tissue and tears in the supporting muscle structure, which could result in permanent disfigurement and dysfunction. Jelqing has also been shown to cause lessened sensitivity for some practitioners, making it a counterproductive activity for men interested in enhancing their intimate encounters. By avoiding jelqing and other potentially dangerous activities, you can protect your penis against injury and can ensure the most satisfying sexual relations for yourself and your partner.

Professional Recommendations

Working with a qualified medical professional is the best way to address issues with the size or appearance of your penis. In some cases, a simple surgical procedure could help you enjoy greater confidence during intimacy and could improve your performance and your overall self-image. Kegel exercises are sometimes recommended to provide added muscular support for the shaft of the penis and to increase its apparent size. This can help men to feel more secure when engaging in sexual intercourse and can enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Seeking the help of a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in male enhancement and penis enlargement procedures is the best and safest way to boost your self-confidence and improve the appearance of your penis. By avoiding the latest unproven penis enlargement exercises and working with a medical doctor, you can ensure the healthiest and most effective treatments for all your male enhancement needs.

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