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Finding the Right Condom Size after Penile Surgery

Measuring tape around a cob of corn represents size after penile surgery

After widening penile surgery, you may have increased girth when flaccid and erect.

After penile surgery, you may feel more confident in the bedroom. However, it’s still important to take necessary precautions for safe sex. What many men don’t realize after penis enlargement surgery is they may need to change the types of condoms they use. Learn why and how to find a properly fitting condom. 

You May Need Different Condoms after Girth Enhancement Penile Surgery

Depending on the type of cosmetic penile surgery you get, you might need to change the type of condom you use. Typically this comes down to bigger size after surgery. 

While lengthening procedures generally only affect the flaccid penis, widening penis enlargement surgery may help your penis be wider when flaccid and erect. Therefore, after girth enhancement, you may need to opt for a larger condom than before. 

Finding the right condom for you is important. When a condom fits properly and is comfortable, it may help reduce the risk of issues like condom slippage or breakage. Some researchers suggest that condom fit is also important for pleasure during sex. If your condom feels too tight, you may be using condoms that are too small, which could be more likely to break and may affect how sex feels. Therefore, if you’re running into issues with condom fit after penis enlargement surgery, it may be time to look at different condom options. 

How to Find a Condom that Fits

Finding the right condom after penoplasty can be a bit of a process of elimination. The key is to try a lot of different ones until you find one you like. 

Condoms can vary greatly from brand to brand. For example, different condoms might have different shapes, and one might fit you better than another.

Two wrapped condoms

Condoms have different sizes and shapes, so some may feel more comfortable than others.

Once you’ve healed from penile surgery, it may be time to start looking at different condom options. First, you’ll need to measure your penis. Generally, we recommend measuring your penis when it’s erect to get an accurate size for condoms. 

For length, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from the base of the penis to the tip. Make sure you press your measuring tool against the pubic bone as much as possible. 

For width, you’ll need either a flexible measuring tape or a bit of string, a pen or marker, and the ruler. You may also need a calculator. Measure around the biggest part of your penis using the measuring tape or the string. If you’re using string, mark the measurement and use your ruler to measure from the tip of the string to the mark. 

This will give you a measurement for your girth, but you need to know the width of your penis for condom size. So, take that measurement and divide it by 3.14 to get your penis width. After girth enhancement penile surgery, this number may be                                                                                               bigger than before your surgery. 

Condoms generally fit into three size categories: snug, regular, and large. Snug is usually recommended for penis girth of less than 4.7”, regular is between 4.7” and 5.1”, and large is typically girth between 5.1” and 6”. Using a condom sizing guide for different brands can help. 

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