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Buried Penis: What It Is and How It Is Treated

A small percentage of men suffer from a condition known as buried penis. This issue occurs when the shaft of the penis is restricted because of abnormal skin growth or fat deposits around the groin. Penis enlargement surgeries can sometimes help with releasing the shaft of the penis from the skin and abdominal fat. By working with a qualified phalloplasty surgeon, men suffering from this condition can enjoy greater confidence and improved function during their everyday activities.

What Is Buried Penis?

Also referred to as hidden penis, this condition can be congenital or may be the result of obesity, aging, improper circumcision or fluid buildup around the groin area. In all cases, however, the penis is partially or almost completely obscured by surrounding skin and tissue. This can lead to embarrassment and may cause irritation of the skin or surrounding tissue. In some cases, men with hidden penis conditions may need to sit to urinate, which can potentially cause even more damage to their self-esteem.

Treatments for Buried Penis

A number of treatments are available that can reduce the impact of buried penis and create a healthier and more natural profile. Male enhancement procedures can serve as a starting point for removing damaged or scarred tissues and freeing the penis from its trapped condition. Removal of excess fat and fluid can also help in releasing the penis. For congenital or severe buried penis cases, it may be necessary to apply skin grafts to the shaft of the penis to allow it to expand normally. This skin is usually transferred from the patient’s thigh to ensure the most natural appearance and the best results.

Benefits of Male Cosmetic Surgery for Buried Penis

Patients who undergo surgical treatment for buried penis often report higher levels of self-esteem and greater confidence in intimate situations. Children who suffer from the congenital form of this illness can also socialize more easily without fear of questions or ridicule. Prompt surgical treatment can also prevent deterioration of compressed tissues within the penile shaft to allow for normal sexual function. Surgical correction of buried penis can improve appearance while improving the health and quality of life for patients.

Buried penis conditions will not usually go away on their own. Weight loss and exercise can improve the condition to a small degree. Male cosmetic surgery, however, is the most effective and practical treatment for these issues and can provide immediate relief from the discomfort and embarrassment that buried penis can cause. By working with a qualified and experienced Houston phalloplasty surgeon, patients can enhance their confidence and comfort to a significant degree.

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