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Benefits of Casual and Committed Sexual Activity

Studies have shown that engaging in regular sexual activity can have a positive effect on the health of both men and women. Sex can burn calories, lower blood pressure readings and reduce stress. The closeness shared during sex can also cause the release of hormones that can improve sleep and increase relaxation. For some men, phalloplasty procedures can provide added self-confidence when engaging in intimate activities. The added boost to self-esteem provided by male enhancement surgery can allow more frequent sex both in committed relationships and in casual hook-ups. Understanding the different varieties of sex can offer added insights into health issues and can help men and women enjoy the benefits of these activities to a greater degree.

Casual Sex

Also known as hooking up, casual sex is generally defined as any sexual activity that occurs outside a committed relationship. This includes friends-with-benefits arrangements, sex with acquaintances and other intimate encounters that do not involve romantic feelings or the expectation of an ongoing committed relationship. These sexual activities can generate immediate benefits by stimulating the production of dopamine and releasing stress for participants. More and more often, however, hook-ups and sexual encounters are leading to long-term relationships between individuals who had no romantic expectations at the outset of their liaisons. The increasing societal acceptance of casual sex as a means of meeting and testing potential partners has allowed men and women alike to gain added experience before they choose a long-term partner. This can provide valuable perspective for individuals in determining the traits they want and the expectations they have for longer-term relationships in the future.

Sex in Marriage

For most couples, the first few months of married life may offer many of the same rewards found in casual sexual encounters. The excitement experienced when engaging in sex with a relatively unfamiliar partner typically fades over time, however, as couples become more accustomed to the physical and emotional closeness with each other. At the same time, the shared responsibilities and stresses of married people can carry over into the bedroom. This can significantly affect the quality of sexual activities and can reduce the frequency of sex for married couples. Some of the most common points of disagreement among those in long-term relationships include the following:

  • Money problems and budgeting
  • Distribution of housework
  • Work issues
  • Parenting conflicts for couples with children
  • Frequency and quality of sex

Similar stressors can come into play for unmarried people living together; the combination of increased familiarity and naturally arising conflicts can reduce the frequency of sexual activity and may even lessen the pleasure and closeness felt by long-term partners in the bedroom.

Committed Sex

Making a deliberate decision to prioritize sex and intimacy in committed relationships can have a surprisingly large effect on the quality of communication between partners. Sharing fantasies and setting aside time to cuddle, caress and make love can help couples stay close and committed even during difficult times. While romantic liaisons can sometimes be carefree and effortless, marriages and other long-term relationships require both work and commitment to ensure that intimacy stays alive and that sexual closeness remains a part of the equation over months and years. By focusing on one’s partner as a unique individual and building not only an emotional but a physical connection, couples can enjoy better sex and increased intimacy throughout the duration of their relationship.

In almost any type of sexual encounter, self-confidence can play an important role in allowing men to approach and engage with potential partners. Penis enlargement procedures can sometimes provide a welcome boost to self-esteem. By working with an established Houston phalloplasty physician, men can pursue the benefits of casual and committed sex with greater confidence and self-assurance.

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