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Benefits and Risks of Circumcision

phalloplasty_105For most American men, the decision regarding circumcision was already made during their first few days of life. Adult circumcisions are relatively rare; however, these male enhancement surgeries can sometimes improve the look of the penis to increase self-confidence and personal comfort for men. Others may opt for this elective surgery for religious reasons or to correct a medical issue. Understanding the pros and cons of circumcision can help men make the right choices for their own unique set of needs. Here are five of the most important factors to consider when determining whether circumcision is the right choice for you.

Health Issues

Medical studies suggest that circumcised men may enjoy a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases and other ailments that include urinary tract infections and penile cancer. While some experts believe that proper cleaning of the genitals can reduce these risks for uncircumcised individuals, circumcision can provide a measure of protection against these medical conditions. Sexual partners can also benefit; circumcised men are much less likely to pass on sexually transmitted diseases to those with whom they are intimate.


While preferences for the appearance of circumcised or uncircumcised penises are usually a personal matter, the general consensus in the U.S. seems to favor the circumcised look. Removing the foreskin can create a more streamlined look that may be more visually appealing. Since the majority of American men do have circumcised penises, opting for this procedure may also provide added confidence in locker rooms and public bathrooms. Circumcision can sometimes be combined with penis enlargement surgery to create a more attractive look and to enhance personal self-esteem.


One function of the foreskin is to shield the tip of the penis from foreign substances. This can provide some protection against certain types of infections. However, uncircumcised males may have greater difficulties in maintaining absolute cleanliness around the folds of the foreskin. By opting for circumcision, men can sometimes improve their hygiene while streamlining their daily shower routine.

Religious Observance

Converts to certain religions may choose to undergo circumcision as part of their conversion process. Boys born into these faiths are typically circumcised a few days after birth or during their coming-of-age ceremony; however, adult converts can schedule these surgical procedures at any time of their choosing.

Sexual Activity

Many men report changes in the quality of their sexual experiences after a circumcision procedure. However, the evidence for this is largely anecdotal. Some of the most commonly reported pros and cons of circumcision in relation to sexual activity include the following:

  • Female partners of uncircumcised men may experience less pain thanks to the gliding sensation created by the foreskin, which may reduce the need for added lubrication during sex.
  • Some men report increased sensitivity after circumcision; others may experience a temporary or long-term reduction in the sensitivity of their penises during foreplay and the sexual act.
  • Scientific studies indicate that the sections of skin removed during the circumcision procedure are among the most sensitive areas to light touch. As a result, removing the foreskin may interfere with arousal during the early stages of foreplay.

While it is not possible to predict the precise results of circumcision in any specific case, a study published in the Journal of Urology indicated that a clear majority of men who were circumcised as adults were satisfied with the results of their operations.

Circumcision is a personal decision that can have a significant effect on your confidence and overall self-image. Working with a physician who specializes in Phalloplasty, circumcision and other cosmetic procedures can help you make the most informed decision regarding your surgical options. These dedicated medical professionals can provide you with the support you need to make the right choice about circumcision and other available male enhancement options.

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