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Notice: Dr. Capriotti has retired.

Male Cosmetic Surgery & Enhancement

Male Cosmetic Surgery Update from Houston Texas | Why would you allow someone to inject anything into your body that is NOT a doctor or surgeon? 14 women learned the hard way by allowing a non-licensed, non-certified woman to inject them with an “silicone like” product. One has died, and others are gravely ill in Philadelphia. Courts are waiting for an autopsy to be performed to see exactly what was injected into the body. Sold under “Buttocks Enhancement” procedure, these injections were performed in the back of a store. WHY?

The ONLY way to achieve male cosmetic enhancement is via a certified doctor such as Houston,  Texas’ own, Dr. Capriotti. After decades in the business, Dr. Capriotti has helped many men achieve the bodies they so desperately wanted through different means of male enhancement procedures such as cosmetic surgery, penile surgery (phalloplasty), and penis enlargement regimens.

We look forward to demonstrating how we can provide a life altering,  positive experience that should make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. Call us today to schedule a consultation. While we know this might not be easy to discuss with a complete stranger, feel assured that our staff has been trained to handle consultations very professionally. Call today…what are you waiting for.

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